Aviation is one of the world’s fastest growing modes of transportation, relied upon by millions of people across the globe. It connects people and businesses, opens up markets, and is key to sustainable development on a regional and national scale.

Closer collaboration among ICAO Member States is vital – everyone from international organisations, NAAs and industry, to agencies, funding and donor bodies need to work in partnership for aviation to succeed and grow sustainably.

Through our work, we aim to lay the foundations for regulatory performance to continually improve, even as the aviation industry rapidly grows.

CAA International is the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA). As part of the CAA’s International Group, we are committed to supporting ICAO and EASA on international cooperation initiatives to help shape tomorrow’s international aviation legislation, improving regulatory capacity and efficiency, and sustaining society’s confidence in aviation.

Our primary focus is providing advisory, training, examination and licensing services to agencies, fellow National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and industry. From 192 ICAO contracting States, we have provided our expertise in more than 140 countries.

As a registered Social Enterprise, a sustainable part of any profit we make is reinvested in the global aviation community through the International Group, with whom we share a simple vision: To raise the standards of aviation across the globe, to protect those who choose to fly and those who do not.

We foster strong and lasting relationships with aviation organisations internationally to lay the foundations for long-term collaboration on safety, security and environmental performance, and the progression of aviation strategies.

Social Enterprise

International Group

Our UK CAA Knowledge Pool
  • 42 years’ regulating the UK aviation industry
  • 80 Active UK CAA Airworthiness experts
  • 100 Active UK CAA Airspace, ATM & Aerodrome specialists
  • 50 Flight Operations Experts
  • 70 Aviation Security Specialists
  • 10 Environmental Impact Consultants
  • 20 Airspace Regulators
  • 20 Safety Performance & Data Analysts
  • 10 Aircraft Certification Experts
  • 30 Economists & Consumer Protection Experts
  • 15 Performance Based Regulation Experts
  • 30 Project Management Professionals
CAAi in Numbers
  • 140 countries where we deliver UK CAA expertise
  • 1,067 SAFA inspections per annum
  • 1,290 delegates received CAAi training last year
  • 8,700 aviation exams sat last year

Our key achievements

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UK Locations

Our Mailing Address
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex RH6 0YR
T: +44 (0) 330 0224401

Our Registered Address
Chief Executive’s Office
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex RH6 0YR

Malaysia Location

Malaysian Aviation Academy
Department of Civil Aviation
Jalan Pekeliling 2, 64050 Sepang
Selangor, Malaysia
T: +603 8777 9011

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