EASA Part FCL Exam

UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) examinations for fixed and rotary pilots pursuing a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-FCL (Flight Crew Licensing) Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) are available across our international examination network.

We offer 14 electronic examinations which assess candidate’s theoretical knowledge comprehensively across all EASA Part-FCL learning objectives.

EASA Part-FCL Electronic Exam – Apply Now

Manual intervention is required from the CAA during the registration process to confirm your ID and approve your e-Exams service. After this you will be able to access your dedicated CAA Web Services e-Exams Portal.

UK CAA Part-FCL International Exam Venues
EASA Part- FCL.515 ATPL Modules
Module 1 Air Law
Module 2 Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe/Systems/Power plant
Module 3 Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation
Module 4 Mass and Balance
Module 5 Performance
Module 6 Flight Planning and Monitoring
Module 7 Human Performance
Module 8 Metrology
Module 9 General Navigation
Module 10 Radio Navigation
Module 11 Operational Procedures
Module 12 Principles of Flight
Module 13 VFR Communications
Module 14  IFR Communications

For further details on the UK CAA Part-FCL theoretical knowledge training and examination requirements, responsibilities of applicants, pass standards, validity periods and cross qualifications can be obtained from UK CAA Publication CAP 804.

Particular attention should be drawn to Section 4, Part D and Subpart L.

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